Upgrade Your Bathroom with a Touchless Toilet – 3 Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom with Hi-Tech Fixtures and More

New technologies have emerged in recent years that gave rise to innovative and hi-tech fixtures for your bathroom. Today, there are several smart devices that can increase the comfort and convenience of using a bathroom. For example, you can install sensors that could detect leaks, or you can buy a toilet that is touchless. Here are some of the latest innovations that will definitely help upgrade your bathroom.

The Touchless Toilet

The latest innovation in toilets is the touchless toilet. Kohler and American Standard have introduced their latest touchless toilets that lets you flush by just passing your hand over a sensor, but this feature is only installed on their pricier models. If you just want the hands-free flushing feature, Kohler offers their conversion kits that can provide battery-powered flushing to any toilets.

Another awesome new innovation is the remote-controlled toilet-seat bidet. It is called the Toto Washlet, which features a wand that sprays warm cleansing water.

Kohler recently launched its C3 050 model, which is a cleansing toilet seat. The design for this fixture is compatible to many elongated toilet. You only need a ground-fault 120-volt outlet for bathroom appliances.

Leak Detectors

It would be a great idea to catch leaks early, especially if you have a basement bathroom. What you need is a water sensor that is connected to your smartphone, which will notify or ping you if it detects any water leaks in the bathroom. Samsung and GE are selling these types of leak sensors, but there are also other smaller players such as Fibaro and D-Link.

These leak detectors can be plugged in or powered by a battery. Some models work through the home WiFi network, while others have its hub-based smart home system. The detectors alone may cost you around $30, but if you are going to purchase the whole package, including the hub system and other sensors, then it would cost you more. However, buying a leak detection system will still be cheaper than fixing a flooded basement or bathroom.

Upgrade Your Showerhead

Maybe it’s time for you to replace that boring showerhead in your bathroom with a modern and upgraded version. Sometimes, the key to starting a fresh day is to have an invigorating shower in the morning. You can check out the Speakman Reaction showerhead, which has been described by many users as having a relaxing and soothing rinse, but strong enough to wash the thick locks of your hair.