Samsung’s New Galaxy S9 and S9+ Phones: Super Slow-Mo Video, Upgraded Biometrics

Samsung unveiled its new Galaxy S9 and S9+ at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. With this latest Galaxy S model, it promises to provide improved processors, better camera features, and longer battery life. Some of the latest features include super slow-motion video, enhanced security, and a camera that can create a personalized emoji from your image.

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ are truly a marvelous smartphone that is pushing the boundaries of mobile technology. However, there will be consumers who will find that the S9 model has only made incremental changes from the previous S8 phones, as well as other leading phones available today. Today, top smartphone companies such as Apple and LG offer similar features such as the OLED screens, water resistance, and cameras delivering shallow depth-of-field photos.

But still, there is no doubt that the Galaxy S9 and S9+ possess features that are fun and will surprise many users. It has cutting-edge biometric security features, which include the iris scan and the 2D facial recognition. The animated emoji can be enjoyable, but sometimes it does not always result in a similar likeness to your image. The Super Slow-Mo camera mode is only limited to short video clips and it is often tricky to use.

Here is our full review of the latest Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+

  1. Not Much Change in Style

You will immediately notice that the S9 and S9+ look the same as the S8 and S8+. It has the same size ratio of 18.5:9, which offers bigger size, yet easier to hold. It also has the same screen size of 5.8 inches for the S9 and 6.2 inches for the S9+. But you will notice that the S9 display is just a tiny bit larger because Samsung whittled away at the already thin bezels around the phone edges.

The battery capacity still remains at 3,000 mAH for the S9 and 3,500 mAH for the S9+. The Samsung Galaxy sold in the US comes with a faster and more efficient Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor. It still has its reliable stereo speakers and Samsung continues to include the 3.5 mm headphone jack.

  1. The Super Slow-Mo Feature

The slow-motion feature has been offered by many high-end phones. This creates a slower frame rate per second, and then playing the frame at normal speed. It is a fun feature that most people enjoy using in their videos.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ have the Super Slow-Mo feature that provides 960 frames per second. The regular slow motion of Samsung and other phones have only 240 frames per second.

When using the super slow-mo feature of the S9 and S9+, your options are the manual control and the automatic control. In this mode, you will see a bracketed square on the screen, which indicates when the super slow-mo will kick in. When you start recording, the video runs at a normal pace until the phone senses motion inside the bracketed square. This is where the super slow-mo starts to come in.

However, it can be quite tricky to get the right timing for the super slow-mo. The phone can record at a high frame rate for only 0.2 seconds. If you are trying to record a video, there is probably not enough time to include the most significant part of the video inside the super slow-mo. The S9 or S9+ can convert the super slow-mo clip into a GIF file with a nice soundtrack. You can instantly share your video on social media.

Another thing to consider is the lighting. You need to have bright lights to get good super slow-mo footage. Taking slow-mo and super slow-mo videos at night will only turn out dark and fuzzy.

  1. Improved Security Features

More people are impressed by how Samsung managed to beef up their security features and make it more convenient to use at the same time. It has the all new Intelligent Scan Biometric, which is a combination of the iris scan and the basic 2D facial recognition. Bringing in the iris scan has surely made the Samsung’s security measure on the same level with the Apple’s phones. With the Intelligent Scan, Samsung can finally allow their security feature to be used for authenticating financial transactions.

Samsung has also improved their fingerprint scanner, which allows you to easily register just by swiping a sensor at the back of the phone. You don’t need to tap your finger repeatedly to register your fingerprint. This makes it faster and easier to set up the phone. The fingerprint sensor is now located below the rear camera, where it is easier to reach.

  1. More Camera Upgrade

This is the first Galaxy phone that features dual rear cameras. Both cameras have 12-megapixel sensors, with one camera providing a wide-angle lens and the other camera has a 2x optical zoom lens. It has an 8-megapixel front-facing camera.

It can shoot at a smaller F2.4 aperture for bright lighting conditions and F1.5 aperture for low lighting conditions. Both the S9 and S9+ can produce a sharp bokeh effect, wherein the background is blurred and the subject has a sharper focus.

  1. Create Your Own Emoji

Your Samsung S9 and S9+ allows you to create your own emoji based on your image photo. Simply take a selfie and let the S9 create your emoji. You can put on eyeglasses, new hairstyles, and cool clothes, depending on your taste. Although the emoji will not accurately copy all your facial features, this is not really a serious setback because this is more about fun than accuracy.

  1. Additional Fun Features

Samsung has its own digital assistant called Bixby, which is the same as Apple’s Siri. Bixby can help you translate languages and currency, applies virtual makeup to your selfies, and allows you to take a picture of something you want to buy and shop for it later online.

Galaxy S9 and S9+ allow you to take photos of food items and instantly give you an approximate calorie count. Both the new phones are compatible with the new DeX Pad, which lets you use your phone with a keyboard, mouse, and monitor. You can also use your phone’s screen as a trackpad. This feature can be used for web searches, emails, and watching movies. However, it is still restricted to Android mobile apps.