How to Get Better Laptop Battery Life

Here are simple yet very effective tips on how you can get a longer battery life for your laptop in between charges. In this article, you will also have more insight on how to choose laptops with the longest battery life.

When it comes to extending your battery life, you can find a lot of tips online that could help you. However, the sad truth is that many of them are only myths. One example is not charging the battery to more than 80 percent and not letting the charge drop to below 20 percent. Another popular myth is that you should fully charge a new laptop before using it.

Experts say that some of these beliefs may have worked on the old laptop and battery models. But today, these advice are usually outdated and do not serve a purpose. If you really like to extend your laptop’s battery life, here are some simple, quick, and easy tips to follow.

Turn Down the Brightness Display

The first thing you have to do to extend your battery life is to dim the brightness of your display. According to the experts, the brightness display panel is the top battery-consuming technology in your laptop. Depending on your laptop model, you can quickly dim the brightness level by just using the function row keys such as the F1, F2, and so on.

Many people will say that dimming the brightness down to 50% may be too dim for them. But your eyes will always adjust to the brightness level, and after a few seconds, everything will look fine again. Having your brightness display adjusted down to 50% can have a huge impact on how long your battery will last.

Turn Off the Features You are Not Currently Using

If you are not currently using any features on your laptop, it would be a smart move to turn it off. Some of the features that you can turn off are your Bluetooth, laptop radio searching for signals or WiFi. For Window 10 users, you can just go to Airplane Mode to shut down both your Bluetooth and Wifi immediately. For Mac users, just turn these features individually by going into settings or accessing the controls.

Some high-end laptops feature a dedicated graphics processing unit or GPU, which can be turned off temporarily. These advanced graphics feature can really shorten the life of your battery. The MacBook Pro and Samsung Notebook 9 can allow you to turn off the dedicated processor temporarily. Your laptop will run on the less energy-consuming processor for a while and extend your battery life.

Turn Off the Apps

Laptops today can run smoothly even if there are several apps and features running in the background. The memory space of new laptops is big enough to accommodate these apps without slowing down. However, if you’re using the battery, this practice silently eats up through your battery life.

According to the experts, the best solution is to turn off those unused apps. The worst apps are the ones that continuously make contact with remote servers.

Just turn off the apps or programs that you are not using at the moment. Don’t leave any applications open and running in the background, while you are doing something else. This type of practice will not only drain your battery at a quicker rate, but it will also affect your work and productivity.

Buy a Laptop with a Powerful Battery that Lasts Longer

These tips can prolong your battery life in-between charges, but it simply cannot turn your laptop into a powerhouse working machine that works for 18 hours straight. If battery life is very important to you when buying a laptop, you should make your research and look for useful reviews that provide you more information about the laptop and its battery.

You can check out the Sony Vaio Z, which has been tested to run for 17 plus hours using its battery. Look for laptops that feature a solid-state drive or SSD instead of the conventional hard-disk drive. SSD is known to be faster than hard-disk drives and they use less power because it does not have any moving parts.

You may want to avoid laptops with a 4K display because they can drain your battery at a faster rate than the 1080P displays. Try to check out the new Always-Connected PCs shipping in late March. It features a built-in cellular internet connectivity and a powerful battery life that can last up to 22 hours or more.