E-Cigs May Be Toxic for Teens, New Study Says

A recent study that has been published in a medical journal has discovered that e-cigarettes contain the same harmful carcinogens found in regular cigarettes. Teenagers are ingesting these carcinogens every time they use their e-cigarettes. The fruit-flavored e-cigs are also very dangerous because they contain more cancer-causing chemicals than the tobacco-flavored juices. This study measured the toxins that are found in the saliva and urine of teenagers who are e-cigarette users.

Experts who have made in-depth studies about e-cigarette conclude that it definitely has a presence of harmful ingredients. Teenagers using these e-cigs are ingesting these toxins, which are building up in their bodies.

E-cigarette manufacturers are promoting their products as a less harmful alternative to regular cigarette smoking. This ongoing message has led to more teenagers trying out e-cigarettes. According to a 2016 survey, more than twice as many teenagers are using e-cigarettes, and most of them believe that vaping is safe. Teenagers actually believe that the vapors are just water vapor, which is reinforced by the advertisements made by the e-cig companies.

Groups of teenagers using e-cigarettes have been tested and they found toxins that can even cause cancer. The toxins were more prevalent in teenagers who simultaneously smoke e-cigarettes and regular cigarettes. There were also chemicals found to be higher in teenagers who only use e-cigs.

The Risks of Nicotine-Free E-Cigs

Many teenagers think that nicotine-free e-cigarettes are safe and will not increase the risk of cancer. However, recent studies have found that teenagers who smoked nicotine-free e-cigarettes have just as much level of cancer-causing compounds as those who are using e-cigs with nicotine.  

Another study has shown that e-cigs contain a lot of solvents and additives that become carcinogenic when heated. These chemicals can be found in both nicotine-free and nicotine-containing e-cigarettes.

Fruit Flavored E-Cigs

Fruit flavored e-cigarettes are very popular among teenagers. Most teens admit that they favor the fruit-flavored ones and used them often. According to one study, teens using fruit-flavored e-cigs tend to use them frequently, and they have higher levels of the cancer-causing toxin called acrylonitrile. The finding indicates that fruit-flavored e-cigs are not really safer than tobacco-flavored ones, and they come with their own risks.

There are Types of E-Cigs that are Worse than Others

It has been proven that the toxin exposure mostly depends on the brand and type of e-cigarette product. Those e-cig devices with higher voltages tend to be more damaging because the high voltage can produce more toxins.

It is very clear that all e-cigarettes available in the market today are not safe for everyone. Health officials and researchers agree that in order to protect yourself from cancer and other serious diseases, you should stay away from cigarettes and e-cigarettes.