Best Strollers for Bad Weather

Parents know how difficult it is to bring a child from one place to another, especially in really bad weather. So we picked several strollers, looked at their features, and tested their maneuverability through the city streets. We want to find the best strollers that can make life easier for the parents under different weather conditions.

We look at the simple features of the stroller that can be very helpful when you and the baby are out in the cold and windy 10-degree weather. The straps, weight, and folding mechanism may not seem meaningful for most parents, but it would matter a lot in extreme weather conditions. You would probably need to consider other features such as large canopies and appropriate weather cover with proper ventilation.

Here are 5 of the best strollers that are most suitable for different weather conditions. If you live in areas that are prone to occasional rain and winter storms, then these strollers will definitely work for you. These strollers will help keep your little one safe, dry, and happy, even in bad weather.

  1. Chicco Bravo

Folding the stroller and putting it in the car in windy or stormy weather can be a difficult task for most parents. With Chicco Bravo, you can fold it quickly and easily, and it stays upright on its own when folded, which means you never have to put it down on the wet ground. For us, this is the best convertible stroller that can be used even in bad weather. Plus, it features an elevated storage basket and large plastic wheels to keep your baby out of the puddles. Also, the aftermarket weather covers available today are accepted by most Chicco infant car seats, which mean that you won’t have any difficulty moving the seat from the stroller to its base in a car.

  1. Graco SnugRider Elite

You can easily move your baby from one location to another with a car seat carrier. Graco SnugRider Elite is one of the best car seat carrier strollers that you can use even in bad weather. This model easily accepts any Graco infant car seat and allows you to pop out the seat, with the baby comfortably snuggled inside, and transfer the car seat to its base inside the car. This also means that you can fix the belts and the buckles indoors so you won’t get caught fumbling with the stroller in the rain or snow. The frame of the SnugRider is brushed metal with some plastic sections, and it features a large storage basket.

  1. Thule Urban Glide

When your child is already too big for an infant car seat, you need a stroller that is strong enough to withstand the outdoor elements. The Thule Urban Glide is the best stroller for your child because of its superior maneuverability due to its larger wheels. You won’t have any difficulty pushing this stroller in the snow or uneven terrain. It is a heavier model that has large, air-filled tires, allowing you to push through any obstacles. It also features user-friendly harness straps and it is quick and easy to fold.

  1. Graco FastAction Fold Jogger Click Connect Travel System

The Graco FastAction Fold Jogger is one of the best travel system built for bad weather. A travel system is usually comprised of a stroller and a compatible baby car seat. This model from Graco can be used for all types of weather. The stroller features larger wheels, which allows you to easily maneuver the stroller in bad weather. The car seat can quickly snap out and transferred to its base in the car in an instant. Once your baby outgrows the seat, it’s rated up to 35 lbs. The safety harness and the straps are easy to use, and the whole stroller can be folded down with ease.

  1. Maclaren Mark II

The Maclaren Mark II is a great umbrella stroller built for bad weather. This model only weighs 7 pounds, which means it can easily be collapsed and carried without any problem. It may not be suited for plowing through the snow or rough terrain, but it is certainly very useful if you are trying to catch a bus with your baby.