10 Top Picks of 2018: Best Cars of the Year

We give you our top picks for the best new cars of 2018. All the cars on our list are considered all-around performers that gain the highest scores when it comes to reliability, safety, and owner satisfaction.

  1. Top Pick for the Compact Car: Toyota Corolla

Here are the reasons why the Toyota Corolla is the best compact car of 2018:

  • Even though it is a compact car, the interior is surprisingly roomy, with a spacious backseat.
  • It has a very secure handling, and it has good ride quality.
  • The engine may only be in the middle power class, but it scores very high on fuel economy, which provides 32 mpg overall.
  • It comes with advanced safety features such as: forward-collision warning, automatic emergency braking, pedestrian detection, lane-keeping assist, and lane-departure warning.
  1. Top Pick for Compact Green Car: Chevrolet Bolt

The Chevrolet Bolt is a distinctive-looking hatchback electric car that is ready to surprise you with its good quality handling and acceleration. Here are the top features of this year’s best compact green car, the Chevrolet Bolt:

  • Bolt boasts of a 250 mile-electric range at a very affordable price range.
  • Its power comes from a 60 kWh battery that provides a generous charge, which means you shouldn’t worry about losing power and getting stranded.
  • You won’t hear the engine because it is strikingly silent, plus the wind noise is minimal.
  • You sit high up, giving you a commanding view and make you feel that you are in a small SUV.
  • The controls may not be familiar to some people, so it would need a little getting used to.
  1. Top Pick for Luxury Compact Car: Audi A4

The Audi A4 is a combination of luxurious and sporty compact car. Here is what we know about this exquisite sedan that is specially made for discriminating car buyers:

  • It has a very responsive steering with a minimal body roll, which makes for a more secure handling.
  • It has an aggressive acceleration because of its powerful turbocharged 4-cylinder engine.
  • Its safety features include the forward-collision warning system and the city-speed automatic emergency braking system.
  • When it comes to the interior, the cabin exudes luxury and top quality, while the front seats are firm but still comfortable. However, the space in the rear seats is a little bit tight.

  1. Top Pick for Midsized Car: Toyota Camry

The Toyota Camry is known as a reliable and well-rounded family car. Below are just some of the top features that we’ve seen when reviewing this recently redesigned Toyota Camry:

  • Toyota has improved the Camry’s fuel economy to 32 mpg with the base 4-cylinder.
  • During the ride, the handling was responsive and the cabin was very quiet.
  • It comes with the best safety features today such as forward-collision warning, rear-crossing warning, blind spot detection, automatic emergency braking, and lane-departure warning.
  • Its hybrid LE version can offer a very impressive 47 mpg overall.
  1. Top Pick for Large Car: Chevrolet Impala

The Chevrolet Impala is a large car that has the qualities of a luxury car. Here’s is our review of the top pick in the large car category:

  • The interior is spacious, while the materials and trim are high quality.
  • The controls are easy to handle and the infotainment system has lots of great features.
  • The front seats are very roomy and the rear seats are also proportioned generously.
  • It offers a very smooth ride and you won’t feel any bumps.
  • For a large car, its handling is commendable.
  • The V6 engine provides a lot of smooth power.
  1. Top Pick for Minivan: Toyota Sienna

The Toyota Sienna is our top pick for the minivan category because it has the best all-around package. If you like minivans, then you should definitely consider the Toyota Sienna. Here are some of the reasons why we chose this minivan:

  • It is the only minivan with a 4-wheel drive.
  • The interior cabin is very spacious with a seating for 8 people.
  • The cabin is finely furnished with high-quality trims and accents.
  • The Sienna limited edition features a second-row lounge seating with a footrest.
  • It has a vigorous powertrain that provides a respectable fuel economy.
  1. Top Pick for Compact SUV: Subaru Forester

The Subaru Forester may not be too flashy, but it gains top scores for reliability, fuel consumption, visibility, and cabin space. Here’s what we can share you about our top compact SUV:

  • It has a lot of passenger room which makes it easier to get in and out of the SUV.
  • The modest 2.5-liter engine may not be that powerful, but it offers outstanding fuel efficiency.
  • There is an available turbocharged 4-cylinder to make it feel like a sporting vehicle.
  • It has a standard all-wheel drive that provides an all-weather grip.
  • The handling is very responsive and the ride is super comfortable.
  • Its key safety features include forward-collision warning and automatic emergency braking.
  1. Top Pick for Luxury Compact SUV: BMW X3

The all-new redesigned BMW X3 is a complete luxury compact SUV that offers ultimate comfort, driving enjoyment, and cutting-edge technology. Here are some of the reasons why we included this SUV on our list:

  • It is capable of stepping up to 355 hp M40i, which gives the driver a truly exhilarating performance.
  • The handling is sharp even on curvy roads.
  • It has a firm suspension that allows you to feel safe. It also lets you absorb the bumps with more ease and confidence.
  • The cabin is extremely quiet on the road.
  • It features supportive seats and a user-friendly infotainment system.
  1. Top Pick for Midsized SUV: Toyota Highlander

The Toyota Highlander is our top choice for families looking for a three-row SUV. It stands out from the rest with its great performance, reliability, and fuel economy. Here’s our review for the Toyota Highlander:

  • It can accommodate up to 8 passengers but it is small enough for easy parking.
  • It offers a spacious interior without looking like a minivan.
  • The handling is very secure, which offers security and confidence.
  • The recent update to the Toyota Highlander gave it more power and fuel economy.
  • The advanced safety features are included in the entire Highlander lineup.
  1. Top Pick for Full-Sized Pickup Truck: Ford F-150

The Ford F-150 is the best-selling pickup truck in the US. This popular workhorse vehicle is equipped with better weight-reduction design and a 6-cylinder turbocharged engine. Here’s what you need to know about our top pick for full-sized pickup truck:

  • It has a powerful 2.7-liter turbo V6 engine that provides the effortless towing capability.
  • It offers 19 mpg overall with quicker acceleration.
  • It has some of the best features such as the Pro-Trailer Backup Assist and the Sync 3 infotainment system.
  • The Pro-Trailer Backup Assist makes it easier for the driver to back up while towing the trailer.
  • The crew cab provides roomy rear seats and a lot of space for gears and tools.
  • The ride may not be as comfortable as a luxury SUV or sedan, but it is a first-rate truck.